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A nutritionist is a specialist who has extensive knowledge of medicine, biochemistry, diagnostics and other sciences of medicine and health in the context of human nutrition. It is worthwhile to consult a nutritionist if, among other things, we have doubts about whether our diet is appropriate, we want to change our eating habits to healthier ones, we have tried many „miracle diets” but the effects were short-term, or when our health condition requires specialized dietary recommendations (for example, as a result of illness).

A psycho-dietitian, on the other hand, is a specialist who helps find the cause of abnormal eating habits and behaviors. He discovers the mechanisms behind it and guides you through a gradual process of change.

Changing existing eating habits to healthier ones including maintaining a healthy body weight can be a challenge. It requires time, commitment, a plan and often the right support. You will get the right support in this area by opting for a consultation with our specialist.

Our expert will surround you with care and attention. He will conduct a full nutritional and health interview with you, perform a body composition analysis and together you will determine the course of action from which to start the change to improve your health. Follow-up meetings will allow you to monitor your actions and modify them if necessary. You will receive valuable tips and dietary patterns or exercises that will help you develop proper eating habits (e.g. facilitate weight reduction or help reduce gastrointestinal complaints).

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