Our specialists - Paula Nagel
Paula Nagel

Certified dietitian with over 8 years of experience in the profession.  Graduate of higher education in the field of dietetics and human nutrition and psychodietetics at renowned universities (Technical University of Lodz, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Warsaw Medical University, WSB Merito University Gdansk). Author of many popular science publications and substantive content for educational campaigns. She helps patients improve their attitude towards food and their overall diet. As the rushing world shows – it is not the menu alone that the patient needs. Thanks to her acquired experience, she knows that ready-made menus and template diets don’t work because they don’t develop. In order to get an effect and then maintain it, which in the case of changing eating habits is the most difficult – you need the skills acquired during the change process. She relies on a sincere relationship with the patient, involvement of both parties and no diet regime. Privately a big fan of cats, Asian cuisine, forensics and forensic science.  

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