Teleconsultation - Clinical Immunology

What is clinical immunology?

Clinical immunology is a branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases resulting from immune system disorders. Clinical immunology combines medicine with biological sciences. It deals with the immune system and its defense mechanisms against external agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Immunologists are involved in diagnosing autoimmune diseases, immune disorders and often rare diseases, which include:

  • congenital immunodeficiencies
  • acquired immunodeficiencies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • infections of unclear etiology

Before the teleconsultation

  • teleconsultation is a one-time service that consists of issuing an opinion with recommendations based on the medical records to date and the questions asked. No email correspondence is expected as part of this service. It is possible to issue prescriptions and make further recommendations. An electronic version of the documentation is sent to the patient’s designated e-mail
  • sending previous test results and medical records in your possession is recommended. Files should be archived as a single file (e.g., zip format.) protected by a password. The password for the documentation should be sent via a separate email. Please send a contact number for teleconsultation
  • in addition to the consultation, it is advisable to send the clinical immunology consultation questionnaire
  • along with the documentation, please send confirmation of the consultation fee and confirm that you have read the privacy policy of the RODO
  • please send the order, clinical immunology consultation questionnaire, and documentation along with the fee confirmation to:

Cost of teleconsultation service

  1. First-time teleconsultation 300 PLN (45 min),
  2. Subsequent teleconsultation 200 PLN (20 min)

Data to pay for the service:
Hipermedica Centrum Medyczne Sp. z o.o.
Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 94/U5, 02-777 Warsaw
Account no: 28 1090 1043 0000 0001 5255 7873
IBAN: PL28 1090 1043 0000 0001 5255 7873

Doctor giving a teleconsultation

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