Our specialists - Krzysztof Jamroziak

A hematology specialist working on a daily basis at the Department of Hematology, Transplantation and Internal Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw as Acting Deputy Head of the Department for the General Hematology Department. In his clinical practice, he is involved in diagnosing and treating all hematological diseases, with his main interests focused on malignant diseases of the lymphatic system, including primarily plasmocytic myeloma, AL amyloidosis and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. As part of his clinical, scientific and educational activities, he is involved in projects of such hematology organizations as the Polish Myeloma Consortium, the Polish Adult Leukemia Treatment Group, and the Polish Myeloma Group. He is also the initiator of the Polish Amyloidosis Network. Prof. Jamroziak is the author of about 200 full-text original and review papers in Polish and foreign journals. Prof. Jamroziak also consults in English, French and Italian.

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