Our specialists - Julia Hamankiewicz

Specialist in pediatrics. She is a graduate of the Medical University of Lodz. She gained her professional experience, among other things, during many years of work at the Department of Pediatrics, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases of the Institute „Pomnik-Center for Children’s Health”, the Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Allergology of the Medical University of Lodz, as well as in outpatient treatment. She deals with diagnosing and treating childhood diseases, vaccinations, balance sheets, patronage and preventive health care of children. She bases her daily work with young patients on current guidelines and recommendations. She constantly deepens her knowledge by participating in trainings and conferences in pediatrics, allergology and pulmonology. She is also an active member of the Polish Pediatric Society and the Polish Society of Vaccinology. Being a pediatrician and a mother simultaneously, she knows very well how important is the right approach to a small patient and his comfort during the examination.

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